Solven is one of the less known loan institutions present on the Polish market. However, despite the fact that in terms of recognition, Solven cannot compare with the largest players in the domestic loan industry, nevertheless Solven’s numerous opinions posted by customers on the network define the offer of this lender as attractive and transparent. Solven also collects great reviews from financial specialists dealing with the analysis of offers of loan institutions present on the Polish market.

The Solven loan institution is one of those non-bank lenders who base their offer on one precisely defined variant of loan products. In this case, we are talking about payday loans, which are express loans for relatively small amounts and with a short repayment period. As is well known, there are a lot of loan companies on the market that operate according to this model. Against this background, Solven stands out above all with an attractive interest rate on the base offer, a clear and transparent nature of the offer presented to customers as well as the presence of interesting additional options in the offer.


Solven: opinions on loan institutions and offer reviews

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By borrowing from Solven for the first time, we will be able to take a quick loan for up to 30 days and up to $ 8,000. The company indicates in its documentation that the maximum available loan amount ($ 8,000) may also be available to new customers. However, the documents show that this will not be a rule. Solven informs on its website: “When applying for the first loan, we suggest amounts not exceeding $ 1,700, but the final amount depends on the individual analysis of the application.” There we will also find information that the final shape of the offer presented to the new client will depend on the result of the borrower’s creditworthiness assessment.

Solven also provides new customers with the opportunity to take advantage of the “first loan for free” promotion, i.e. with an APRC of 0%. However, it should be noted here that the promotional offer includes only loans for an amount not exceeding $ 1,000. This means that when you borrow, for example, $ 1500 or 2000 for the first time at Solven, the APRC 0% promotion will not apply to us.


Other important information

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Customers posting Solven reviews on the internet as an important advantage of this lender’s offer also indicate the possibility of extending the loan. A loan in Solven can be extended for 7, 14 or 30 days. The amount of commission for extending the contract will depend on the duration of the extension (the higher it is, the higher the commission will be).

In the process of verifying customer creditworthiness, Solven does not check the BIK database. The National Debt Register (KRD) and BIG InfoMonitor are checked.

Solven provides loans to customers who are at least 18 and not older than 75 years.